What is a Stage Manager and why do you need one?

A Stage Manager is someone who works both in theatre and in the world of corporate events. Here, we’ll talk mostly about the role within corporate events.

What is a Stage Manager?

As the name might suggest, a Stage Manager is in charge of the stage, the backstage area and anything that goes on, in or around it.
They work closely with the Showcaller, who is often seen as their closest ally.

What does a Stage Manager do?

The role of a Stage Manager is varied.

Responsibilities include checking the presenter just before they go on stage to ensure their make-up is okay, their microphone is on and they have everything they need. They’re also the person to give the presenter the ‘nod’ to walk on stage and begin their speech or session.

In addition, they’re responsible for moving any stage props and furniture that are needed throughout the event.

During rehearsals it’s quite common for the Stage Manager to stand in for any presenters that are absent so the crew can technically run the entire show from start to finish.

Why do you need a Stage Manager for your event?

It’s a role that can often be overlooked as many people don’t see the importance of the role of the Stage Manager.

However, to keep a show slick and ensure there’s a point of contact between the front of the room and the back, making sure all bases are covered, any event should have a full complement of crew. And without doubt, a Stage Manager is one of them.

They ensure everyone’s in the right place at the right time and manage any backstage emergencies or unforeseen issues.

What makes a good Stage Manager

It’s a role that requires precision timing, note-taking and immense concentration. It also helps to have a general wider view of the event so you can spot any pitfalls.

A pitfall may be the requirement for chairs on stage and knowing where these chairs are coming from, how many are needed and if any help is needed to get them onstage quickly.

Communication is key for a Stage Manager, so it’s important they have the necessary skills and equipment to be able to communicate with the rest of the crew effectively.

How to hire a Stage Manage

If you need a Stage Manager for your event, get in touch and let us do the hard work for you.

Whether you’re organising a live or hybrid event, we can find the perfect Stage Manager for you. Similarly, if your event is virtual, we can find you a Floor Manager if you need one.

Just tell us a bit about your event and what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Our experience and connections mean we know all the best Stage Managers. And, what’s more, we have easy access to their availability to help you make quick decisions.

☎️ Give us a call on 07764 460008.

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