Paying it forward – amazing businesses I work with…

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Mike Cottam Hero
For all things websites

Mike Cottam

This is the bloke who does all my website stuff. He is phenomenal and I am so happy with everything he does. He redesigned my website recently and  supports me with a Care Plan for the website on a monthly basis.

Simplified Accounting
Numbers Done Right

Simplified Accounting

My accountant Rachael is a lifesaver. I understand business now, with her support, more than ever before. Where would I be without her? She works on a referral basis, so if you think you might want to work with her I will introduce you.

Lea Turner
The Bees Knees

Lea Turner

What can I say about Lea? She is a complete nutcase in the most wonderful way! She has taught me the power of LinkedIn, and helped me get to where I am with her support, sassiness and amazing ‘no-knobs’ business community The HoLT.